Batangas PNP warns barangay officials not to support NPA

Published March 14, 2018, 10:54 AM

by Patrick Garcia


By Lyka Manalo

BATANGAS CITY–Provincial Director Senior Superintendent Alden Delvo has warned barangay chairmen and officials to withdraw their support to New People’s Army (NPA), saying “ they are closely monitored.”

(Grabbed from Google Maps | Manila Bulletin)
(Grabbed from Google Maps | Manila Bulletin)

Delvo said they had received intelligence reports that some officers in villages support the rebel groups because of fear or because they have businesses to protect from harassments to the extent of giving extortion money to the group.

“Those who are trying to support the NPA’s, they should stop that because we have intelligence information gathered and it will reach the President (Rodrigo Duterte)”, the police director said.

However, the police have yet to divulge the names of these officials which the PNP needs to revalidate before submitting the list to the office of the President, said Delvo.

The provincial police chief said NPA presence is evident in Rosario and San Juan towns, in the eastern part of the province and along the western area which includes the towns of Nasugbu, Calatagan, Lian, Calaca, Tuy and Balayan, towns which comprise the first district.

Meanwhile, authorities have been conducting clearing operations and hunting down the group of rebels they had encountered in Barangay Pitugo, Balayan town last Saturday morning.

Delvo said two casualties from the government side were reported and who are now in stable condition.

Delvo said the rebel group was composed of around 85 members.

“They had planned to attack but we had preempted it. We would not want to wait for them to attack; we wanted to bring the war to them to drive them out of the province” he said.

Delvo ,condemned the rebel group for the village chief’s death in Barangay Hugom, San Juan, Batangas last March 1.

The Eduardo Dagli Command operating in Batangas province later announced they were responsible in the killing of Mario Sulit because of his alleged partiality in favor to a private developer prejudicing small fishermen and farmers.

“Our investigation pointed at them (NPA).
We are actually filing a case against the leaders of that group. Sabi nga nila may atraso sa bayan. I don’t know how they do it in their kangaroo court, Pero ganun na lang ba yun, yung pagwawalang bahala nila sa karapatang pangtao?” he said.

“How many years have we been feuding? Let’s end this– the police and military are ready, they (NPA) are ready, Pero sino ba ang kawawa, mga civilian” said Delvo.