Mendiola’s advice: Love your body…it will love you back

Published March 13, 2018, 3:47 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

For anyone who is insecure about her body, actress Jessy Mendiola has an advice for you: “love your body and it will love you back.”

In an Instagram post, Mendiola opened about her journey to finally learn to accept and love the body that she’s in.


The 25-year-old said she got depressed and started “losing confidence” after notching the “Sexiest Women” title in 2016.

“I thought… finally, people appreciate my efforts and my body. But I was wrong. I was bullied, body shamed with bashers calling me names like “pata, baboy, taba, etc.” while others said I didn’t deserve to win the title ‘ cuz I’m waaaaaay bigger than the other girls who they thought should’ve won,” she recalled.

Mendiola said the body shaming took a toll on her to the point that she started “hating” herself.

“I loved myself then (big thighs, belly rolls and round face) but when people started pointing out my flaws, I started hating myself, at times even thinking I was a bad person for having ‘thunder thighs’,” she wrote.

The Kapamilya actress said she even got to the point when she stopped working out and started “turning down roles” offered to her.

“[I] binge ate my feelings off and started gaining more weight than I should. I didn’t even want to be seen on TV anymore,” she continued.

Things turned around for Mendiola eventually, realizing that “sexy, strong, and beautiful” in her own way.

” I realized, why should I feel so bad about myself when I loved myself even before I was called ‘sexiest’… I started building myself up again despite what other people said (until now they call me names) and have lost 15 lbs. since,” she told her followers on Instagram.

“I started accepting my built and switched my workout according to my body type,” she added.

In closing, Mendiola recognized women who have been body shamed.

“I still see myself as the “pata girl” and it’s okay, it is just a matter of perspective. When I decided to shift perspective, everything started falling into place…Shout out to every “pata girl” out there, just keep going,” she wrote.