LGBA derby champ known

Who will be the champion of the 2018 Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association (LGBA) 7-Cock Derby?

The answer will be known in the final round at the Pasay City Cockpit. Eleven participants have three wins each going into today’s 4-cock finals supported by Sagupaan Superfeeds and Complexor 3000.

They are Jimmy Junsay, Cesar Ancayan, Cris Sioson, cockfight idol and Rep. Patrick Antonio, Hermie Pagtalunan (Franzopia), Carlos Tumpalan, Jervy Maglunob, Nestor Vendivil, Gerry Escalona/Zaldy Austria, Jimmy Zapanta and Thor MD Wash entry.

A 7-bullstag derby will be featured in the second leg at Pasay Cockpit on March 16 and 23 and April 6. The 2018 LGBA Cocker of the Year will be determined after the third leg on April 13 (South versus North 5-Bullstag Derby).