NCRPO advises mall management to cooperate over shooting probe

Published March 4, 2018, 2:30 PM

by Patrick Garcia


By Martin Sadongdong

The National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) today advised the management of a mall in Manila to cooperate with police investigators over a deadly shooting incident or face sanctions.

National Capital Region Police Office chief C/Supt. Oscar David Albayalde (MBPHOTO/CAMILLE ANTE / MANILA BULLETIN)
National Capital Region Police Office chief C/Supt. Oscar David Albayalde

NCRPO director Oscar Albayalde, in a radio interview, encouraged the management of 999 mall in Divisoria, Manila to submit a copy of the closed circuit television (CCTV) footage which caught the killing of Edilberto Pornobi, 60, a stall owner.

“They seemed hesitant in giving to the police a copy of the CCTV footages inside the mall, it’s as if they couldn’t say if the cameras are working [or not]. That’s why I told the (Manila Police District’s Police Station-11) station commander to file obstruction of justice [case] against the management if they refused to give us the CCTV,” Albayalde said.

“They said that there were operational CCTVs in the area but when the investigators asked for a copy of the footages, they couldn’t provide any. The troops weren’t given
anything,” he added.

As of this posting, Albayalde said the management has yet to provide them with CCTV footages.

Should the investigation also show that there was a security lapse on the part of the mall security, Albayalde said the management will also be facing administrative charges.

It still remains a mystery to the mall security how the suspects managed to sneak in the guns they used. However, police said the assailants must have hid it inside a paper bag or the frisking system was not strictly being implemented on mall goers.

Albayalde also said the mall should have informed the public well about the incident through a public address (PA) system before they implemented a total lockdown.

The incident forced the mall security to place the mall building on lockdown, trapping hundreds of mall goers who went in full panic mode.

“They should have a PA system to tell the people not to panic and that is part of the security protocol,” he said.

Pornobi was shot in the head and body thrice by two still unidentified suspects at the second floor of the Building 2 around 2 p.m. yesterday, police said. His wife, Maria Theresa, was also hurt in the attack, police added.

The suspects, police said, were both wearing face masks.

Albayalde said one of the possible motives to the killing of Pornobi was related to his business, admitting that the attack was “well-planned” by the suspects.

“Seemingly, there was some jealousy in their association and this victim turns out to be taking over some stalls which earned the ire of other stall owners who cannot pay the rent,” Albayalde revealed.

Meanwhile, the 999 mall has already been opened to the public after the incident.

The management of the 999 mall is yet to issue a statement on the incident as of this posting.