The backlash

Developments indicate that a Colossal Venture (CV) might not be delivering the expected results, as projected by the management of Talented Artist (TA). When TA decided to pursue the project, the risk was quite high, as no celebrity who has established reputation would dare to do what he had done.

(Illustration by Rod Cañalita) (Illustration by Rod Cañalita)

While CV might have been self-serving, as TA insisted on being honest, such choice might have stirred the hornet’s nest, so to speak. Choosing to play up probable sensational sections of CV, other celebrities started to be dragged and talked about on social and in mainstream media as possible personalities that CV featured. Thus, the promotion centered on assumptions of what CV would reveal.

The management of TA had assumed that after the release of CV, interest in TA would rise. After all, TA can wow the audience and has a following. But the result was the opposite. Word-of-mouth did not translate into good sales at all.

Now, TA might not even be able to return the shine of his own star.


‘Never let judgmental people stop you from being yourself and doing what you do best. People will always find some way to judge you, but always remember that if someone doesn't like your personality don't change who you are because of them.’ – Jayden Hayes


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Rant or Rave

Popular Celebrity (PC) may have been gifted with looks and talent, but there is one thing he doesn’t have.

Some celebrities are forced to sing even if they do not have the talent, but thanks to technology they sound on key. By contrast, PC has the voice and other musical skills.

When he was given projects to test his acting, he did not fail the audience and the producers. After a string of hits, he was a certified box office draw.

However, his personal life often gets exposed, and soon, his former lovers were revealed. Even if PC is happy with his Current Girlfriend (CG), stories of his ways with the ladies would still emerge every so often.

Nonetheless, with his popularity comes the expectation that he would also be gifted in the south. Most people would equate his background and looks with that.

But, there seems to be no correlation in his case. Allegedly, he falls, er, short of expectations.


‘But that inadequacy, or feeling of inadequacy, never really goes away. You just have to trudge ahead in the rain, regardless.’ – Lorrie Moore


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