MWF: Robin Sane reveals why 'wrestling is a real sport'

Robin Sane (MB Photo |Rio Leonelle Deluvio ) Robin Sane (MB Photo |Rio Leonelle Deluvio )

By Rafael Bandayrel

There are two schools of thought when pro-wrestling is brought up. If you are a wrestling fan, you may have probably heard of the rant that "Wrestling is fake."

The case is different for passionate fans who believe that pro-wrestling is a tough business that deserves respect.

Local promotion, Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF), has been running shows since April last year with Robin Sane as one of the top stars.

“Wrestling is entertainment in terms of the storylines, the drama, the rivalries, and all sorts of stories that you can think of,” Sane explained, “But it’s a sport. It’s a real sport because we take real sports training; we take real risks. And we take real sports conditioning including the diet, the mental stability, the physical conditioning.”

For some, pro-wrestling is a hybrid of theatrics and athletics, hence the term sports-entertainment which was coined by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

“For me, how people see wrestling is really interesting because sometimes they see it as drama, sometimes they see it as competition. So for me, wrestling is sports-entertainment,” Sane told Manila Bulletin Sports Online.

Unlike prizefighting, pro-wrestling is a pre-determined sport. The outcome is fixed but the display of athleticism and performances are not smokes and mirrors. Like any other athletes, pro-wrestlers suffer from injury too.

“My right eye is a little blurry now. I broke my wrist during my first match. Then in my first match for MWF, my finger was misaligned but I put it back in place. And my shoulder is also misaligned,” Sane shared.

Last Dec. Sane squared off against former WWE star Ho Ho Lun, who was briefly part of NXT after competing in WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic tournament. The tournament was ultimately won by Fil-Am high-flier TJ Perkins who is currently a member of WWE's Cruiserweight division.

“Well, Ho Ho Lun honestly is a very calm and chill person, but inside the ring, he was very hard very skillful,” Sane said. “And I can’t keep up with because he was one of my shortest matches but I was very exhausted after that one,” admitted the Filipino.

According to Sane, pro-wrestlers are legitimate and most of the performers in the MWF roster can really fight. “Actually, I know how to wrestle for real,” Sane revealed, “This is also why I’m proud of Manila Wrestling Federation because most of us know martial arts.”