Audio Junkie: Marion Aunor on the cusp of major changes

Published February 15, 2018, 9:01 AM

by Hannah Torregoza 


Singer-songwriter Marion Aunor has announced at a press conference that she will be doing things differently this year.

Marion Aunor (
Marion Aunor

“The challenge for me is to write more in Tagalog, which is quite different from what I am used to,” she said.

Marion is known for writing and recording in several styles. From the mellow soulful beginnings of her debut, to taking an edgy turn in her sophomore set, then a stint in electronic dance music (EDM). She is also known to compose songs in the style of those she writes for, including Kathryn Bernardo, Alex Gonzaga, Erik Santos, and Jona.

To kickstart this phase in her career by signing with another label, Marion was made to watch the initial rushes of an unreleased film, hoping it would inspire her to write a new song.

“After watching it, I went home feeling inspired. I said, ‘I can do this! I can write in Tagalog.’ Then I emailed the song to them and I thought ‘They’re going to judge my lyrics, they would never like it!’”

Oh, but they did. The title of the song is “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Pipiliin Ko.” It’s a piano-driven ballad, a bit on the moody side, but with a modern, alt-pop feel.

Filled with themes of longing, the singer said the song was written after watching the early rushes of “Pambansang Third Wheel” starring Yassi Pressman and Sam Milby. The song will be included in the official soundtrack of that film.

This year will also see Marion go back to her roots.

“I’ll go back to writing in the genre that I started in which is mellow pop and ballads,” she said. “I have written in so many different genres that it was kind of a problem to put me in one specific genre. Although I’ll always say it’s just pop, though mixed (with something else). The plan is to keep challenging myself and to bring in that kind of songwriting but with Tagalog lyrics and maybe that can work out.”

Only 25 years old, Marion has already accomplished a lot. She is aware of this and she’s very thankful.

“I consider myself very lucky,” she said. “Hopefully in my new journey, my fans will still support me.”