One of two suspects in killing of Senosin, a notorious drug dealer

Published February 13, 2018, 4:32 PM

by Patrick Garcia

By Martin Sadongdong

One of the two identified suspects in the killing of Senior Inspector Jimmy Senosin, the deputy chief of police of Cainta, Rizal Police Office, was included in the drugs watch list as a notorious drug dealer, the Philippine National Police (PNP) said.

PNP spokesperson Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao confirmed that Robin Gomez, alias Ruben Tae, 38, was included in the drugs watch list of Barangay San Andres in Cainta, Rizal.

Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao (PNP / MANILA BULLETIN)
Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao

Meanwhile, the other suspect has been identified as a certain “Ekis.”

Both Gomez and Ekis, whom police said are members of the notorious Highway Boys, remain at large. The Highway Boys group, according to Bulalacao, is a robbery-holdup and snatch group operating not only in Cainta but also on EDSA in Metro Manila.

In a related development, Superintendent Raynold Rosero, provincial director of the Rizal Police Provincial Office (PPO), said one of the suspects may have sustained gunshot wounds while trying to flee on board a car.

“It was found out through witnesses that [the] suspect sustained gunshot wounds and was seen being carried on board a vehicle,” part of a progress report signed by Rosero read. However, it was not clear who between Gomez and Ekis was wounded, and what type of vehicle was used by the suspects in their escape.

Police investigators said they have already coordinated with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to verify the registered owner of the car which plate number was MN 2578.

It can be recalled that Senosin was shot by Gomez and Ekis in an armed encounter Sunday night along Block 3, Lakas Bisig Floodway, in Barangay San Andres, Cainta. Senosin was with three other police officers when they responded to a call that the two suspects were spotted in the area armed with a caliber .45 pistol and submachine gun.

The suspects apparently saw the policemen, so they engaged the cops into a firefight and lobbed a grenade. Fortunately, the grenade failed to explode but Senosin was hit “multiple times,” including in the head.

Senosin was rushed to the Pasig City General Hospital but expired around 1:20 a.m., according to attending physician Dr. Ethel Dalutag.

Meanwhile, pursuing cops arrested two other drug suspects, Ronaldo Idolog, 44, and Josephine Lachica, 29, while in the act of repacking suspected shabu at the second floor of a house where Gomez and Ekis entered. The house is believed to be used as a drug den and the police strongly believe that the four suspects are all connected to each other.

A bystander, Reyland Jamon, 22, was hit by a stray bullet amid the exchange of fire. He was rushed to the Pasig City General Hospital and was released at 4:19 a.m. Monday after receiving treatment.

The provincial government of Cainta, Rizal has offered a P100,000 bounty against Gomez and Ekis; and another P100,000 to the bereaved family of Senosin.