Identities of two suspected victims of summary execution revealed

Published January 28, 2018, 4:00 PM

by Francine Ciasico

By Dhel Nazario

The identities of the two suspected victims of summary execution in Pasay City have been revealed following the confirmation of their respective family members who came to Veronica Funeral Homes to claim their bodies. At 1:45 a.m. on January 17, two unidentified bodies of a man and a woman, allegedly victims of summary execution with their hands tied, blindfolded and their mouths covered with tape, were found by two barangay tanods on C5 Extension, Barangay 201 in Pasay City.

Pasay City map (Manila Bulletin file photo)
Pasay City map (Manila Bulletin file photo)

The victims were between 20 to 25 years old and bore undetermined number of gunshot wounds on the head, hands and the different parts of the body.

The man was identified by his sister Jesie Armada, 25, as Jomar Armada, 26, who last resided in Bacoor, Cavite. Jesie came to the Pasay Police on January 19 in order to claim Jomar’s body.

According to Jesie’s sworn statement, her brother Jomar was last seen standing in front of a fast-food chain in Molino in the early morning of January 16. Jesie mentioned that at that day, Jomar was chased by two unidentified male persons and was cornered.

After which, he was handcuffed and boarded an unknown type of vehicle. She admitted to police that her brother Jomar was previously arrested for drug charges that are pending before the Las Piñas Regional Trial Court. Meanwhile, the woman victim was identified by one Cherry Del Rosario as Maricris Del Rosario, 35, who last resided in Bacoor Cavite.

Cherry came to the Pasay Police on January 24. She said that prior to their appearance before the Pasay police, she and her relatives went to the home of Maricris to visit her since she was no longer contacting them.

However, upon arrival to her residence, they did not see Maricris nor their younger brother Charlie Del Rosario, and his live-in partner, a certain Laarni Ramos, who was living with Maricris.

Police added that Cherry and her relatives saw the light inside her house was left on and that the door was padlocked. This prompted them to forcibly enter the house and to which they stumbled upon several of Maricris’ belongings disarrayed and scattered all over the floor.

They immediately reported to the Las Piñas and Parañaque City Police regarding the disappearance of Maricris, Charlie and his live-in partner Laarni until they later found out from an unknown bystander that Maricris’ body was found together with Jomar Armada on C5 Extension, Barangay 201,in Pasay City.

Upon confirmation that Maricris is at Veronica Funeral Parlor, Cherry and her relatives went to SIDMB office and coordinated with the investigator about Maricris.

Police have yet to confirm if Maricris, like Jomar Armada, was involved in illegal drugs prior to their disappearance.