Prestone lauches new line of motor oils

Published January 25, 2018, 4:05 PM

by manilabulletin_admin

Prestone, a leader in cutting-edge coolants and brake fluids, recently announced the launch of its new range of motor oils in the country that were formulated in line with its drive to provide better protection for cars and their passengers.

According to Prestone, the new range of motor oils are made to meet the specific requirements of various vehicles in tropical countries like the Philippines.2

“As a brand that advocates and values road safety, Prestoneintroduces a new range of motor oils for Filipinos’ engine needs,” said Monique Gonzales, brand manager of Prestone. “This new product line is our way of helping customers ensure that their engine’s small parts work harmoniously, making them more confident and safe, whenever and wherever they are.”

Motor oils have the closest contact with the small parts of the engine. Aside from minimizing friction, these oils also carry heat and corrosive contaminants away from the moving parts, including the warmest pieces like the piston rings, as well as the intake and exhaust valves.

When the lubricating oil breaks down due to high heat conditions, it also means that it stops protecting the moving parts from sludge, carbon buildup, and corrosion. As these circumstances happen, they lead to engine failures, particularly if the engine is not taken cared of properly. Thus, it is necessary to consider using motor oils, which can stand up against the toughest conditions.

Prestone’srange of Motor Oils uses the latest technologies and solutions to offer the best characteristics of lubricant for car engines. It utilizes very high VI Base Oils that meet the standards of both the latest gasoline and diesel engines and older vehicles.

These motor oils are also made in an ISO-certified plant in Singapore and conferred with a donut symbol of a certified quality mark by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

PrestoneMotor Oils are now available in leading auto supply shops nationwide.

Since 1927, Prestonehas been promoting safety and protection for Filipino motorists through its high-quality products. From its coolants and brake fluids, the brand now expands its product lineups as it honors its 90-year history to keep its ground-breaking formulas ahead of the competition.

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