Lariba family seeking prayers for 'Yanyan'

Published January 22, 2018, 4:45 PM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Ernest Hernandez

Ian Lariba (MB photo | Rio Leonelle Deluvio)
Ian Lariba (MB photo | Rio Leonelle Deluvio)
Ian Lariba, the first Filipino table tennis Olympian, was diagnosed with Leukemia back in May 2017. Now, she is fighting another battle after her mother messaged some of her teammates seeking prayers for “Yanyan’s” recovery.

Apparently, Lariba’s condition suffered complications after she was brought back to the hospital due to headaches last Jan. 4. Her tests revealed that the Leukemia cancer cells have spread throughout her brain and spine which will require surgery.

Below is the text message sent by Mrs. Lariba to Philippine Table Tennis Federation National Team Head Coach Noel Gonzalez. The message was initially posted on Facebook but was later taken down.

“Gud morning po. Since Jan. 4 Yanyan is experiencing headaches that’s why we brought her to a Neurologist & had undergone MRI. Her Neurologist discussed to us the result of her BRAIN & SPINE MRI’s. Leukemia cells were already scattering na near her brain & spine so she will be scheduled for head surgery today at 1 pm. Pls continue to pray for the success of her operation. We offer everything to GOD. Thank you po.”