Sony WF-1000X

Published January 21, 2018, 12:00 AM

by manilabulletin_admin

By Brian Yalung

Wireless earbuds are not necessarily new to the eyes of techies, and the difference depends typically on the features. In the case of the Sony WF-1000X, it all boils down to comfort and the ability to deliver quality sound and drown out outside static.

Sony has been known to offer quality products, and the Sony WF-1000X undoubtedly offers promise. They are light wireless earbuds to consider, primed to deliver convenience for people wanting to take calls or listen to their favorite audio without pulling out their phone.


Putting on some Bluetooth-reliant earphones may seem geeky, but Sony has come up with a design to make them fit and smaller. Each bud weighs 7 grams, meaning putting them on should not offer much of a hassle.

Making sure that they are secure to one’s ear can be done through the right rubbery-sponge tip.

The package comes with four pairs to choose from, making sure that they don’t accidentally fall off when on the go.

Each earbud comes with corresponding buttons for controls. The left earbud buttons control the power, pairing and noise cancellation while the right is responsible for the audio playback, call (start and stop) and for a device’s smart assistant.

The volume control is not included meaning adjustments need to be one using the phone or mobile device they are hooked on to.

At first, people may find the Sony WF-1000X as easy to use. However, its features are limited if the “Headphone Connect” app is not used. This app helps a user adjust the sound quality and connection stability. Of the two, the latter comes in handy especially when a person ends up in network-congested areas that lead to dropped connections.

One of the most important things about the Sony WF-1000X is the noise cancellation feature. Such is a problem for other wireless earbuds offered in the market but the app aids in making sure if a person wants to completely shut out everything or leave some room for voices or ambient sounds.

Aside from those, there is also the Adaptive Sound Control feature can also help out in the noise cancellation. It makes use of gyroscopes on a device to determine what a person is doing, eventually adjusting the intensity of noise cancellation.

The earbuds are good for up to three hours of use on a single charge. Hence, the battery case assures users of six more hours, meaning you have earpieces good for a total of 9 hours.

The Sony WF-1000X is a lush choice for people looking for quality sound for taking calls privately or getting quality audio wirelessly.