Monday musings

Published January 19, 2018, 10:00 PM

by Mr. Fu

By Alex M. Eduque

I write this on a Monday morning still quite hung over on the weekend that was. While it was not particularly an eventful one, it was one where I was able to catch-up on much-needed rest. Sounds pretty unnecessary given that the holidays have just recently passed us, but with a long-haul flight, jetlag, and a change of weather in the equation, it somehow takes a bigger toll on our systems than one would actually think. I joke that it’s a sign of aging, considering I used to take that same flight so frequently in my college days, and I could just bounce back and right in. It is definitely a much welcome  respite to be able to stay in one place for an extended period of time, not having to wake up to an alarm and the leisure of agenda-less days. And while not all holidays are quite as relaxing, it always is, if anything, quite memorable.

My first week back was thankfully a kind one in terms of work. Not too hectic, which I definitely appreciated as I settled back into the groove of things. Thinking about it now, because of how crazy the last quarter of last year was for me, I’ve kind of forgotten what slower days are like, and believe me when I tell you, I’ve missed them so much. Not to say that these days are much less productive. In fact, I assert that it’s quite the opposite – because I do not have a thousand and one things going on at once, I can actually focus my attention on matters I have neglected quite a bit. Things that are extremely important, but that require time. Brainstorming on innovative ways to fund-raise, and planning out ways to make them happen for one. Mapping out our expansion plans while making sure we have necessary budget to back. The list goes on, and though these can some like menial housekeeping duties, it actually is what keeps us afloat, and prevents us from finding ourselves drowning mid-way. Prioritization and scheduling is everything. And really, is the only way to effectively multi-task. Accept that though some things may have to take a back seat to give way to others occasionally, I have learned that the right time will always come.

On hind sight, there is really nothing mundane about a monotonous day, because it gives us the opportunity to catch-up, to brainstorm, to think, and to plan. Excitement after all, is a state of mind. If we convince ourselves to always choose the worthwhile path, only substantial things will come our way. It’s all about perspective and making decisions that yield fruition and productivity. While one’s most effective formula may ultimately be tried and tested timeless best practices, one should also push to innovate to keep up with the times. Stale and dated ways sparks the interest of no one. We may at times dislike our environment and the world we live in because of situations out of our hands, but we must be progressive citizens, for it is the only way to keep astride.

Before the pace picks up and heightens again in no time, take a moment to sit back and muse. Seize the opportunity to give yourself the much deserved “me” time you may not realize you need, so that when the chaos begins, you are well-armed and prepared. Entertain the random thoughts that cross your mind because sometimes, these are where great ideas are born from. And remember, it’s all about mind set, perspective and the meeting the standards you set out for yourself.