Jay Park on taking new path with Jay Z’s label

Published October 17, 2017, 4:06 PM

by Hannah Torregoza 

Rapper Jay Park is working on his first album under Roc Nation since signing up for the label.

Jay Park (Instagram) /mb.com.ph
Jay Park (Instagram)

“They (Roc Nation) like the image I have now. I’m just me,” he told CNN in an interview.

Jay Park announced last July that he’s now under Roc Nation, which was established by rapper Jay Z.

He told CNN that his dream is to work with Rihanna and Jay Z.

“It’s still crazy to me that he knows who I am,” he said.

Jay Park started as a member of K-pop boy band 2PM in 2008 until his MySpace comments forced him to go back to the US.

He returned to South Korea in June 2010 and embarked on a solo career. He also founded the label AOMG.

Jay Park said when he went to Korea in 2005 to train under JYP Entertainment and eventually debut under 2PM, his goal was to help his family.

“I thought I’ll go for a couple of years and help my family out,” he said. “At that time, it was just me, and mom and my brother, having money problems. We couldn’t pay the electric and water bill.”

He faced hardships in Korea.

“It was really hard to sacrifice my life in Seattle and do this thing I knew nothing about. It was a culture shock, the seniority system, the food and the way they did things… For me, it was a hobby and fun, but there, it was training, almost like a job, where you have to practice from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.,” he shared.

He added, “I wasn’t attached to the fame or the lifestyle. The main point in the beginning was to support my family.”