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Published May 6, 2017, 4:05 PM

by Agence France-Presse

Computer literacy and cyberspace navigation are essential skills that most celebrities have acquired. The high number of social media accounts of celebrities indicates their involvement and interest in being adept at the latest technology. Another obvious sign is that these celebrities often have the latest gadgets and use them in the open, especially if they endorse the brand.1

Followers enjoy looking at selfies and personal photos uploaded by their favorite celebrities, as doing so make them feel closer to their idols. Indeed, a direct glimpse at the activities of their idols – including what they browse online – gives insights into how the latter think.

As example, a young celebrity was caught off-guard when his followers allegedly learned he was browsing a gay website. The oversight seemingly confirmed the speculations on his sexual preference.

Meanwhile, others have fallen into cybersex scandals unknowingly or at times, intentionally.

Despite the dangers of giving away personal information, several celebrities are not aware of the traces of their search activities in the history feature of their software. Such list of searched sites could give a profile of the celebrity user.

When Pretty Celebrity (PC) had technical problems with her device, she called a technician to check what was wrong. PC said there might be connection problems, as she could not connect to the Internet. Cookies and caches were cleared by a technician. Navigating through the device, he noticed PC had weeks of searching the social media accounts of Network Actress (NA).

The question then was the reason behind the seemingly stalking of PC to NA. While there seems to be nothing wrong with checking out the account of a certain celebrity, the relationship of PC and NA is not at all cordial, and their fans are considered among the fiercest when it comes to who did better than the other. NA has even been accused of actually stalking the account of PC, but it seems that PC was doing her own browsing of the activities of NA despite her projection that she does not care at all.

‘It’s not about going around trying to stir up trouble. As long as you’re honest and you articulate what you believe to be true, somebody somewhere will become your enemy whether you like it or not.’ – Criss Jami

Digital Cleaning?

Age is nothing but a number as far as entering the local showbiz industry is concerned. For some celebrities, great effort is exerted to make them look younger than their real age. The younger the age of a celebrity appears to the age of his target audience, the better it would be for his bid to fame. Hence, many celebrities, especially those who did not start as kids, might be older than the age they claim to be.

Sometime ago, a long-time friend of this celebrity claimed the rising star is much older than she puts in her press releases. But it had to stop when proof of her real age surfaced.2

Similarly, a seasoned actor was made to look younger by almost a decade to match his youthful looks when he was just starting out. The one who verified his age was an unimpeachable source, who later kept quiet when she realized she might damage the career of the actor.

Despite these incidents, the younger generation is expected to have learned from such practices. However, rumors abound that a Young Newbie (YN) might not be a teenager after all. YN is allegedly around two to three years older than the age she and family would want the audience to believe.

It is said that before she entered showbiz, her family resorted to technology to delete all traces that would reveal her true age. Digital cleaning was conducted by experts hired by her family. By erasing tags, search terms, and photos, that part of her background recorded in cyberspace was gone without any trace.

‘Life is the art of being well deceived; and in order that the deception may succeed, it must be habitual and uninterrupted.’ – William Hazlitt

Charity And Gratitude

Emerging Star (ES) has finally found the formula to become one her management’s important talents. Having been in the shadows of other bankable stars, ES could not seem to find the right mix to make her career rise. Nonetheless, ES and Her Camp (HC) pushed on until the management risked and, finally, things were paying off.

Behind the impending success of ES is the support she received earlier. That was the time when former Top Personality (TP) gave her attention and treated her like her own child. These moments created an imprint in the mind of ES.

Sadly, times have become tough for TP. Her personal life did not end up like a fairytale. Several bad decisions had prompted her to downgrade her lifestyle.

Although she did not want to, TP turned to ES for assistance. ES willingly obliged, as she was now far more stable than TP.

However, there’s a major problem: All of ES’ finances are managed by HC, who used to be close to TP.

The relationship of HC and TP is like a seesaw. One moment, they are cordial to each other, while in the next, expect them to be enemies. ES and her generation are somehow dragged into the tiff even though they do not want to get involved. Unfortunately, both HC and TP have issues against each other and reconciliation might take a while.

When ES broached the idea of helping out TP, HC allegedly went ballistic and told ES not to do anything.

Eventually, ES found a way to go around this problem. She allegedly requested the management that a certain amount be automatically deducted from her pay, which then goes directly to TP.

If this is true, ES has indeed matured and is now making sound decisions. Besides, doing good will help her get the karma that she so deserves.

‘Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.’ – Melody Beattie


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