Eyebrows on fleek

Published November 4, 2016, 12:05 AM

by Carmela Martinez

The plethora of makeup and beauty items available in the market today can be a bit overwhelming. However, being equipped with the right tools is a sure way for you to achieve those brows that would best suit you. On this subject, we received a question from Facebook user Elizabeth Bagona:

“Hi Jake, I’m a makeup newbie, so I want to start properly. Can you please give tips on how can I master the art of eyebrow makeup?”

Trying to get it right the first time around can be daunting, but as you continue to practice you’ll be able to master doing your brows in no time. Here are some tips:

  • First, use a brush or a pencil to see where your eyebrows should start and end, and where the arch should go.

    K-Palette’s Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil
    K-Palette’s Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil
  • Knowing the different eyebrow shapes will help as each one can achieve different things for your face. A rounder shape can make your facial features softer. An angled shape is great for those wanting a face-lift effect. A soft-angle is often referred to as “perfect” brow shape, as it has a softer and subtle effect. Having a curved shape can be lovely for all face shapes, as it gives a more professional look. If you have a flat-shaped brow, it provides a very natural look.
  • Now it’s time to learn how to fill in your brows. The best way is to use different products to help you decide what you’re most comfortable with.
  • Finding the proper shade is very important when you will fill in your brows.

As mentioned, you should use the product that you’re most comfortable with. For me, nothing comes as easy as using K-Palette’s Lasting 3Way Eyebrow Pencil, which can be used in three simple steps:


Step 1: Use the pencil to fill, shape, and draw. With its special formula of wax and quick-drying ingredients, the smooth pencil glides on the skin for easy and effortless application.

Step 2: Use the powder to soften from the inner portion of the brows until the arch for a natural look. The thin-tip sponge applicator provides precise powder application. Create a soft, natural look from the start to the end of the brows with a strong adhesive oil and film for brows that last.

Step 3: Use the brush to blend the entire brow in order to make them look tidy, polished, and natural.

The strong-hold oil and firm ingredient is included in both the pencil and the powder. These two ingredients help create the perfect brows without a thick layer of products. It is strong against friction, smudge, sweat, and sebum, making your brows last the whole day. It has moisturizing beauty essences, such as japonica extract, silk, hyaluronic acid, and water-soluble collagen, making it a perfect beauty combination.

The pencil comes in four shades: Light Brown (suits light hair), Natural Brown (suits natural brown hair), Mocha Brown (suits reddish hair), Grayish Brown (suits dark to black hair). It is available at Zalora, Beauty Bar, Rustan’s, and The SM Store.