Truly Wireless and with a SENSE Headphones from Sony Family


Sony launches three new variations of wireless headphones. The star of the show is the truly wireless style WF-1000X, completely free of wires and fitting snugly in your ear while incorporating industry-leading noise cancelling technology. The behind-the-neck style WI-1000X is designed for the practical and smart commuter, who likes to listen in silence while travelling. WH-1000XM2 are the new headband-style premium NC headphones, offering multiple new features and exceptional battery life, for a deeper, longer listening experience and more options to tailor the sound to your environment.

Using the new  “Sony|Headphones Connect” app with the new 1000X headphone series allows for more flexibility in customizing how users want the headphones to adjust to their surroundings. The world’s first activity recognition ‘Adaptive Sound Control’ feature offers Noise Cancelling and ambient sound preferences to suit different environments. This smart listening experience is realized by Sony’s integrated technology called SENSE ENGINE, designed to provide a personalized experience for every single sound, including music and ambient sound, tailored to individual needs.

With the WH-1000XM2 and WI-1000X you also get the world’s first ‘Atmospheric Pressure Optimising’3 feature that uses sensors to detect the air pressure around you and optimise the Noise Cancelling accordingly. Additionally, an equalizer allows you to tailor the soundscape further to your personal preference. These smart listening experiences are also realized by Sony’s SENSE ENGINE.