Transcend past ADDA

If you haven't already heard, the controversial Anti-Distractive Driving Act will now be taking effect. The then suspended act has stirred controversy among drivers for all its gray areas. But before you throw in the towel and quit your devices, you must first understand the basics of the law not just to avoid going behind bars but to ensure your safety and of those around you.

Anti-Distracted Driving Act, or ADDA, under Republic Act No. 10913 states the prohibition of the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices which can cause distraction while driving on any public highway or street.

However, this law does not completely ban gadgets and other electronic devices from your car. Don't fret: the law is only strict unless your device is on hands-free function.

Drivers can still make use of their devices as long as they are not on your 'line of sight.' Line of sight point to the entire windshield and on top of  the dashboard, except for the area behind the rear-view mirror.

Dashcams are exempted from the law, however they still have to be placed in the correct position. Ferwin Lao, PCWorx Managing Director, has demonstrated the correct placing with the Transcend DrivePro 520.