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  • They Put the ‘It’ in Eating

    They Put the ‘It’ in Eating

    If kitchen superstars gather for a fun night, would you be able to choose which among their best food showcases you’d like the most? But it’s a good (and delicious) dilemma, isn’t it? Like artists at an all-star performance,…

  • The Black Truffles have landed

    The Black Truffles have landed

    Chef Bobby G has always reminded me of Christmas. Seeing his smiling eyes, jolly grin, rosy cheeks, and huggable figure (exactly like mine!) gives me that same feeling when a child meets Santa Claus for the very first time.…

  • Eat this, Get Lucky

    Eat this, Get Lucky

    Having a hard time this year? According to feng shui expert Princesse Lim Fernandez of Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony, which only recently moved from Mandarin Oriental Manila to the New World Makati, your luck can still change—yes,…

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  • Aging gracefully

    Aging gracefully

    With hope, last Sunday’s Grandparents Day is no mere tokenism. Now that advancements in medicine and technology enable us to live longer , we do need to take a closer look at old age with an eye not just…

  • 5 Things you should know when buying cooking oil

    5 Things you should know when buying cooking oil

    Whether you will be frying, sautéing, or baking, oil is a kitchen must-have. With a wide array of oil varieties in the supermarket (olive, palm, canola, sunflower, soya, corn, the list goes on!), how do you know which kind…

  • Love chocolate

    I grew up associating chocolate with the expression of love. Blame it on the chocolates selling like hotcakes during Valentine’s day. A book suggested that this connection started with Emperor Montezuma who drank 50 golden cups of chocolate every…

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  • Game over

    Game over

    People are innately competitive. It’s human nature. The progress and accomplishment of others is the yardstick upon which we measure our own successes. Sometimes, competition can be healthy and constructive; other times toxic, disparaging, and extremely unhelpful. Unfortunately, motherhood…

  • Ignore no more app and other signs that it’s now time to cut the umbilical cord

    Ignore no more app and other signs that it’s now time to cut the umbilical cord

    “Joaquin, what’s taking you so long to dress up? The clothes are all there on your bed.” I asked my then seven-year-old son as I entered his room. He was a quick dresser and was always in a rush, which prompted me to ask.…

  • Art open

    Art open

    It’s not every day you see artworks of various artists in one exhibit. Imagine the works of National Artists Napoleon Abueva and Jose Joya mixed together with the works of contemporary artists like Leeroy New and Josephine Turalba. It will be a feast for the senses!…

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  • How to plan a Culture Trip like a boss

    How to plan a Culture Trip like a boss

    Completely alien to the art of itinerary making, last week’s trip to Cambodia was a real wake up call to the world of potential that awaits the patient travel planner. Getting whisked off on all expense paid surprise birthday…

  • Blemished Pearl  of the Orient

    Blemished Pearl of the Orient

    D.M. Consunji’s sales pitch is persuasive, “… work and worship, wisdom and health—life’s essentials within minutes …” of Torre de Manila. Its 46 floors are rising within sight of the Rizal Monument and of the furious who wish to…

  • Moving Stills

    Moving Stills

    “My main subject is based on my life story,” Ferdinand Cacnio confesses, “it’s like my visual diary.” The art of Ferdinand “Ferdie” Cacnio celebrates the intimate snippets of a colorful life. Renowned for his incredible display of craftsmanship, the…

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  • Digital to film freeware

    Digital to film freeware

    For readers into DIY projects, instructions on how to make a laser camera trigger for $2 has been posted on The site lists all the necessary parts and gives detailed instructions on how to put it all together.…

  • A Beginner’s Guide: Photography Sourcebook: Getting Started with Macro Photography (Part 6)

    A Beginner’s Guide: Photography Sourcebook: Getting Started with Macro Photography (Part 6)

    GO MACRO BY REVERSINGYOUR LENS (Continuation of July 29 issue) As you probably heard, going macro by reverse-mounting your lens is not the best way to do the job. However, it is by far the most economical way to…

  • Of New Things and Toys

    Of New Things and Toys

    We started talking last week of trying out new things and, as has been said here quite a number of times, we are now truly lucky to be into photography. Things are easier to find and there are so…

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  • Keeping it smooth and dry

    Keeping it smooth and dry

    Laminated tiles and planks, which aesthetically simulate wood or stone, provide an easy-to-install solution for house floorings. They can be easily clicked into one another or can be glued with ease onto the ground. But, compared to materials like…

  • Express yourself

    Express yourself

    A home is a personal space where we can do as we wish. Any public space — office, bar, restaurant, railway station — has to play to the crowd, make a style, make a style statement in order to…

  • The Exotic Torch Ginger

    The Exotic Torch Ginger

    One very attractive yet tropical flowering plant that can easily catch attention is the Red Torch Ginger, or the Etlingera elatior, This remarkable herbaceous perennial herb is closely related to our common ginger. It is primarily grown as an…

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  • Rock the socks

    Rock the socks

    Just recently, US sock brand Stance was launched in Shangri-La Plaza Mall Activity Center showcasing their brand-new lineup for the Stance x Wade collection.  “This is the first international global collection. Stance is offered in 32 countries globally, but…

  • Have work, will travel

    Have work, will travel

    Computer portfolios and cellphone cases by Piquadro from the Caterina line of women’s all-leather bags and small leather goods come in blue sugar paper, emerald green, cream and pastel yellow   —————————————————————————————————————————————————–   York Buckle Tote by Tory Burch…

  • Gentle care

    Gentle care

    Baby’s skin, while being soft and smooth, is often sensitive and easily irritated by harsh chemicals, so choosing products to use on our babies need careful consideration. It is best to go for those that are specially formulated for…

Style Weekend More

  • Versatile chic

    Versatile chic

    Five Designs Atelier founder/designer, and Janilyn head of Research and Development/shoe designer Maxine Santos combines whimsical details and sophisticated pieces that are also functional  I have an appointment with a bride first thing in the morning, together with my…

  • Bodacious beauty

    Bodacious beauty

    Lets face it, Brazilians have proven to be one of the most-coveted beauties in the world, and are the reason why people visit their country (aside from the spectacular beaches). But for Brazilian beauty Daiana Menezes, its the other…

  • High glamour

    High glamour

    The 2013 film adaptation of what is widely considered as American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald greatest work, the 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, follows the high life and exciting times of the main character, mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, played…

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  • 7 Books Under P100

    7 Books Under P100

    “Books are fun! Books are great! Let’s sit down with a book today!” Remember that Barney song when you were a toddler? Probably not, but maybe you remembered how fun it was to read books that take you beyond…

  • All About Books

    All About Books

    Contrary to popular belief Amazing Grace loves books. In her readings, she came across these fun book facts. The Bible is the bestselling nonfiction book of all time. Since 1815, more than 2.5 billion copies have been sold worldwide.…

  • Run for a Cause

    Run for a Cause

    Alaska IronKids participants had a memorable day in Cebu as they supported the Alaska Gatas for Breakfast, a practice run for a good cause. It was an enriching experience for the IronKids participants as they not only practiced running…