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  • Tips for summer air travelers

    Tips for summer air travelers

    Cebu Pacific (CEB) and Tigerair Philippines are asking their passengers to be at the airport early for their flights during this summer peak travel period. Passengers are encouraged to be at the airport at least 3 hours before an…

  • East Meets West in Pasig

    East Meets West in Pasig

    Despite traffic snarls, I ventured out of my Malate-Ermita comfort zone last week and braved the streets of Metro Manila. I was rewarded with a most memorable meal in Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig. Red Panda has a very unassuming façade, with a simple sign that’s…

  • Wining, dining, and shopping

    Wining, dining, and shopping

    This new lifestyle destination in Makati’s furniture and design hub lets you have your (Italian) “cake”—and eat it, too The next time you visit LRI Design Plaza in Makati’s posh Bel-Air Village, don’t forget to drop by the newest…

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  • All the Healthy Goodness

    All the Healthy Goodness

    If you’ve found an affordable healthy meal plan package that is certified nutritionist-dietitian approved with well-thought out meals conveniently delivered daily, wouldn’t you sign up right away and experience the difference on your well-being and the way you enjoy…

  • Hope for patients at risk of heart failure

    Hope for patients at risk of heart failure

    All over the world, the number one cause of death is still heart attack followed by stroke. Its number is even greater than the combined death rates for lung, breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancer, and HIV. But this really…

  • Organic revolution

    Organic revolution

    He went back to his roots. Almost. Recently, Robin Padilla along with wife Mariel Rodriguez went to Nueva Ecija but not to revisit the place he grew in. Not really. He was there to visit Pascual Laboratories’ Leonie Agri…

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  • Rules of engagement

    Rules of engagement

    Discipline or the way you choose to discipline your child is a hot button topic these days. Everyone and their mother (pun intended) have a passionate opinion on the subject. Personally, I try not to judge others on their parenting decisions because you never know what their…

  • Gluten-freed


    Gluten-free. You’ve heard of it. You’ve seen it on product labels. But you don’t quite know what it is (admit it you didn’t!). What exactly is gluten and what’s the fuss all about? Gluten is a protein component that…

  • Not again!

    Not again!

    Dear Suzi and Paolo,   My son almost failed his Math subject this year. His teacher advised me to enroll my son in a summer tutorial course in school or, if I want, in Math enrichment courses outside the…

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  • Religion is their muse

    Religion is their muse

    Religion has served as art’s muse for centuries. Some of the world’s finest and most beautiful art pieces—paintings, sculptures, murals—in history have been created to pay homage to God. There is The Creation of Adam and The Last Judgment,…

  • The replacements

    The replacements

    JUSTIN BIEBER The good: Can sing. Open to reinvention—is now charitable (see Carly Rae Jepsen’s new music video) and kind of a good sport (the Comedy Central Roast). Appears to have already gone through and survived the great implosion…

  • A santero’s holy week masterpieces

    A santero’s holy week masterpieces

    We are at the time of year when Pinóy Catholics are supposed to remember that they come from dust and to dust they will return and to repent and (hopefully) reform.   Helping them along are processions—with penitents on Wednesday…

Picture Perfect More

  • Photo candle

    Photo candle

    A project shared recently as collaboration between Canon and the women’s lifestyle blog “A Beautiful Mess” shows how you can transfer your photos into wax candles. All you will need are tissue paper, a printer, a hair dryer, wax…

  • Creative Mood

    Creative Mood

    Kris Ryan Zara picked up an interest in photography after wanting to document his experience inside Palawan’s underground river. Armed with his mom’s compact camera, the result didn’t make him happy, more so when another tourist showed him nice…

  • Mahal na Araw

    Mahal na Araw

    Photo of the Week

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  • At home for Lent

    At home for Lent

    Even in this age of distraction and easy travels, many Filipino families still opt to observe the Lenten tradition at home. Shunning airports and road trips, these Holy Week city dwellers are left to their own devices – helped…

  • The Spectacular Bougainvillae

    The Spectacular Bougainvillae

    Bougainvilleas are popular flowering plants in most areas especially with tropical or warm climates.   It is commonly seen in front of home gardens, in parks or in wide-open business establishments.  During summer, Boungainvilleas burst into a spectacular bloom of…

  • The weird and strange pitcher plants

    The weird and strange pitcher plants

    The Nepenthes, popularly known as tropical pitcher plants, Pitchel-pitchelan or monkey cups, are a group  of carnivorous plants in the monotypic family Nepenthaceae. The name monkey cups refers to the fact that monkeys have been observed drinking rainwater from…

Fashion More

  • Super sonic

    Super sonic

    “The number one mistake women make is that they bully their skin so much,” says Rick Felecia, Clinique regional education manager for Asia Pacific. As a skin and beauty expert, he knows what it takes to have healthy, youthful-looking…

  • Pet society

    Pet society

    SERIOUSLY COOL BARKITECTURE Why ruin your stylish living space with clunky crates and tacky dog beds? “Pet furniture shouldn’t be eyesores that are kept hidden in the backroom or dirty kitchen,” says Migi Manalastas, the creator of Bow House.…

  • Hello, adventure

    Hello, adventure

    Time to let down your hair and kick off your shoes because it’s vacation time! Before you head out to your long-awaited summer adventures, start the season with a whole day of festivities brought to you by Havaianas. Today,…

Style Weekend More

  • Versatile chic

    Versatile chic

    Five Designs Atelier founder/designer, and Janilyn head of Research and Development/shoe designer Maxine Santos combines whimsical details and sophisticated pieces that are also functional  I have an appointment with a bride first thing in the morning, together with my…

  • Bodacious beauty

    Bodacious beauty

    Lets face it, Brazilians have proven to be one of the most-coveted beauties in the world, and are the reason why people visit their country (aside from the spectacular beaches). But for Brazilian beauty Daiana Menezes, its the other…

  • High glamour

    High glamour

    The 2013 film adaptation of what is widely considered as American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald greatest work, the 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, follows the high life and exciting times of the main character, mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, played…

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  • Explore the Exploreum

    Explore the Exploreum

    What will happen to your hands if you touch a cloud? How is a star born and how does it die? How can you tell the age of a tree? What is the best snack for astronauts? You can…

  • Run doggie run!

    Run doggie run!

    We know you miss your pets but in just a few weeks, classes will finally end and you’ll have, (finally!) the whole day to spend with your pets. For today, though, you can spend an hour or two with…

  • The shoe fits

    The shoe fits

    Who doesn’t love the classic fairytale of a beautiful maiden enslaved by her stepmother and stepsisters and caught the heart of a prince? Thanks to Disney, Cinderella, her prince, her fairy godmother, Anastasia, Drizella, the stepmother, and the glass…