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  • Dining and wining at the buffet

    Dining and wining at the buffet

    I don’t know what my wine writer friend Sherwin Lao was thinking when he made me sit beside award-winning winemaker Kevin O’Brien of Kangarilla Wines. It was certainly a most interesting dinner—we talked a lot about his wines and…

  • Yatai yummy

    Yatai yummy

    Japanese ramen is currently the new food craze in the country. Ramen houses are popping up like shiitake mushrooms! This traditional noodle soup dish is a staple in Japanese cuisine, widely available all over the East Asian country through…

  • Eat like it’s 2009

    Eat like it’s 2009

    Every now and then, a restaurant changes its menu and, more often than not, one or more dishes get cut and never see the light of day again. Most of these dishes, although deemed favorites by some patrons, might…

Well-being More

  • Eat your way out of breast cancer

    Eat your way out of breast cancer

    Each and every woman in this planet would probably have something that they would all agree on—the fear of losing their breasts! For the past 12 years of being a dietitian consultant, I have felt the fear, anguish, and…

  • Knock out workout

    Knock out workout

    Known as the leading center for boxing in the Philippines, Elorde Boxing Gym — named after Gabriel “Flash” Elorde — is easily the most visited boxing gym for boxing enthusiasts and fitness buffs alike. But while the sport has…

  • An app a day keeps the doctor away

    An app a day keeps the doctor away

    Nowadays, the word “apple” conjures images of Steve Jobs and the iPhone instead of the red, health-boosting fruit that Eve offered Adam. We live in a world that you used to read about in old works of fiction, a…

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  • The weight of worries

    The weight of worries

    Some nights I lie awake wondering what impact my actions and words will have on my developing children. How will what I say and do affect the way my kids turn out. It is such an awesome, humbling, and…

  • Scary and spooky and everything cutesy

    Scary and spooky and everything cutesy

    Not all kids like costumes. Some find it too confining (How can they move about with a severed head attached to their hands?) or too vulgar (Seriously, skintight she-devil costume with lace top and a skirt that does not…

  • Ghouly good time

    Ghouly good time

    Unless you live inside a village, you can’t just let your kids wander the streets of Metro Manila in their Halloween best and knock at every door this Oct. 31. But who cares? We Filipinos celebrate Halloween a little…

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  • Magic and Mexico

    Magic and Mexico

    If the selfie queen Frida Kahlo (and her unibrow) is the only Mexican artist you know (and boxers do not count!), you have a hundred reasons to visit Ayala Museum and check out the “Mexico: Fantastic Identity 20th-Century Masterpieces”…

  • Straight talk with Amy Tan

    Straight talk with Amy Tan

    One of the world’s most beloved bestselling authors talks rejection, insecurity, the immense pressure that comes with being a famous author—and the new novel that’s set to prove that all of the above are no match for her incredible…

  • Beauty in Tragedy

    Beauty in Tragedy

    The tragic death of his eldest son didn’t cripple Dexter Bigayan’s artistic spirit. Instead, the experience fueled his obsession for the fluidity of shapes. “I realized that life does not give dole-outs and that all we can do is…

Picture Perfect More

  • Bundle of Joy

    Bundle of Joy

    Ayie Hernandez has been dutifully working in a hospital in Davao while taking two days off a week scheduling her other passion on the side for four years now. She is one of Davao’s lifestyle photographers specializing in portraiture…

  • Picturesque Dumaguete

    Picturesque Dumaguete

    There’s so much to explore about this rustic yet charming place that continues to lure local and foreign tourists alike. Dubbed as the “City of Gentle People,” Dumaguete exudes with vibrancy where adventures are aplenty particularly for those who…

  • Starbursts


    Starbursts—the lens flare caused by the sun’s rays shaped into a starburst pattern—was recently featured in a short article at How does one achieve a starburst in a landscape? In summary, the basic ingredients to creating starbursts are…

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  • How to house-hunt happily

    How to house-hunt happily

    Pretty soon, children will be roaming around neighborhoods in their Halloween costumes in search of treats. They do not mind the long walks, how hot their superhero tights are, and how heavy all their candies can be. They go…

  • The Spooky Bat Flower

    A somewhat spooky plant that may be considered perfect for the  Halloween is the strange-looking Tacca chantrieri, or Bat Flower.  This is an exotic tropical perennial plant from the rainforests of Southeast Asia and Africa. It belongs to the…

  • Paper passion

    Paper passion

    Paper is a magical material. Its thousands faces have the power to attract and enchant us, to direct our lives and change our course, to teach us and influence our opinions, and to mark our daily existence with its…

Fashion More

  • Lipsticks and life lessons

    Lipsticks and life lessons

    The first thing our grandmother would do in the morning was to make herself immaculately clean and beautiful. After a shower, she would wear a dress, get her hair perfectly coiffed, and put on light makeup. Although her face…

  • Global style

    Global style

    With internet and social media, staying on top of the latest in fashion from all over the world—and its players and influencers—is instantaneous. This time, the newsfeeds are all about homegrown retail brand Penshoppe as it recently revealed supermodel…

  • Coming home

    Coming home

    With an overseas Filipino worker for a father, growing up, it was difficult for my siblings and I to create a good and stable relationship with our dad. I could still remember how we would hide behind our mother…

Style Weekend More

  • Versatile chic

    Versatile chic

    Five Designs Atelier founder/designer, and Janilyn head of Research and Development/shoe designer Maxine Santos combines whimsical details and sophisticated pieces that are also functional  I have an appointment with a bride first thing in the morning, together with my…

  • Bodacious beauty

    Bodacious beauty

    Lets face it, Brazilians have proven to be one of the most-coveted beauties in the world, and are the reason why people visit their country (aside from the spectacular beaches). But for Brazilian beauty Daiana Menezes, its the other…

  • High glamour

    High glamour

    The 2013 film adaptation of what is widely considered as American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald greatest work, the 1925 novel The Great Gatsby, follows the high life and exciting times of the main character, mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby, played…

Funpage More

  • Look Ma,  No Scissors!

    Look Ma, No Scissors!

    Create Halloween paper bats, skulls and jack-o-lanterns without resorting to cutting, tearing, or gluing. Photo by Noel Pabalate Halloween decors are available at Toy Kingdom What you need: Construction paper (white, orange and black) Black and silver markers Photography…

  • I am Awesome

    I am Awesome

    I am Awesome. I am Me. There is no one else I’d rather be. I love to laugh. How about you? I am beautiful like turquoise and blue. I am different. I am true. I have true colors. We…

  • The art of triumph

    The art of triumph

    This year is a banner year for kid’s art. On Nov. 15, Global Art Philippines will host the annual Global Art International Competition at the SM Aura Convention Hall. This year’s theme is “Heal The World.” Thailand, Vietnam, and…