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  • Obama sups in popular Hanoi diner

    Obama sups in popular Hanoi diner

    US president Barack Obama shares a meal with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. The two were seen dining at the popular Buncha diner in Hanoi. "The President's chopstick skills are on point. #buncha #hanoi," posted Bourdain in his Instagram account. Pres. Obama is …

  • Works launched to restore Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem

    Works launched to restore Jesus’ tomb in Jerusalem

    JERUSALEM — Christian officials have launched historic restoration work at the Tomb of Jesus inside the Church of Holy Sepulcher, site where tradition holds Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. The works are the first in almost two centuries that will …

  • Foodie paradise

    Foodie paradise

    By Alex Y. Vergara Travel writers certainly weren’t kidding when they hailed Bacolod and its neighboring towns and cities as a foodie’s paradise. During a Bacolod food trip, organized by Alaska, our group was pleasantly surprised by the range of fresh ingredients, …

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  • Pain,pain,go away

    Pain,pain,go away

    Tummy ache or stomach upset is dreadful. It is so debilitating that you just can’t do anything except writhe in pain while waiting for relief. There’s not a single person I know who has yet to experience stomach pain. It is common …

  • Wonder antioxidant

    Wonder antioxidant

    Some of you into health and fitness might have heard about this antioxidant or might have even been taking this as a nutritional supplement, but more of you might be wondering what this is. Is this “wonder antioxidant” worth adding …

  • Living with LUPUS

    Living with LUPUS

    We’ve heard it on television, being ruled out so many times in popular medical series House M.D. that a lupus diagnosis featured in season four had sufferers thanking the show for helping drive awareness. The disease had recently taken the …

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  • The easy way

    The easy way

    The easy way to sneak in those vegetables kids won’t eat One of the ways to get kids to eat healthy is get them to “drink” it. By making juices, you can sneak in vegetables into their drinks and get them to …

  • Babies and planes do mix

    Babies and planes do mix

    When I decided to embark on a three-week solo trip from Asia to America and Mexico with my 14-month-old daughter Lila, most of my family and friends called me crazy. The very first issue to tackle was how would I …

  • Different strokes for different folks

    Different strokes for different folks

    Dear Suzi and Paolo, Hi. I hope you could give me advice on this. I am looking for a school for my daughter. She’s starting school next year and my friends advised me to look for one now. They had so …

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  • Light at the Museum

    Light at the Museum

    Last Wednesday, in celebration of International Museum Day and National Heritage Month, Sen. Loren Legarda encouraged everyone to make frequent visits to museums to enrich people’s understanding of their culture and history. “I hope we can all take time to make …

  • ‘By his stripes we are healed’

    ‘By his stripes we are healed’

    By Jasmine Agnes T. Cruz Images by Pinggot Zulueta Brown and green stripes build radial forms in the middle of a sea of blue stripes. The title of this painting is The Third Day, alluding to the biblical story where God made …

  • Taking shots

    Taking shots

    Each year, tech companies release new mobile devices with highly advanced technology, and one of the selling features of today’s phones and tablets is the camera. As more and more users film their daily activities, adventures, and even create movies, …

Picture Perfect More

  • Breath of Life

    Breath of Life

    Photos by Lucille Detoyato In a medical field which involves stress and hard work, what keeps hand and orthopaedic surgeon Lucille Detoyat going in her profession is photography. “Photography became a breath of fresh air for me. It invigorates me, the same …

  • VR


    Remember Facebook’s 17-lens 3D-360-degree camera featured in this column last month? FB has recently come out with its first video using the $30,000 open-source shooter. The video is a short film that runs for over three minutes set in New …

  • Watched folder, what’s that?

    Watched folder, what’s that?

    The Watched Folder is your easy way forward if you wish to bypass the daunting Import dialog box in Lightroom because, come on, that evil Import dialog box can be scary. Source, what source? I just want to download images …

Home & Garden More

  • Is your place Airbnb-ready?

    Is your place Airbnb-ready?

    Thinking of augmenting your income by renting out your room – or even house – to travelers? These days, booking hotels is no longer the default arrangement for transients, as a growing number is opting for non-traditional lodgings via trusted …

  • Hip Kitchen Appliances

    Hip Kitchen Appliances

    Have you ever wondered how a culinary chef is able to make masterful creations? Aside from his culinary degree, an army of chef in his command and years of experience, he’s also getting a little help from kitchen appliances. But …

  • Growing the Fire Orchids

    Growing the Fire Orchids

    Fire Orchids or Renantheras are beautiful and highly collectable plants because of their intense red flowers. In breeding bright red conventional and inter-generic vandaceous hybrids, Renanthera species are used as parent plants. They are ideal orchids used as accent plants …

Fashion More

  • Get that celebrity skin

    Get that celebrity skin

    Having flawless, radiant skin is a standard for celebrities, both on and off camera. But what fascinates most of us is that they look great almost any time of the day. Their skin looks great even without makeup. And for …

  • High-flying fashion

    High-flying fashion

    Barely two years after launching its flagship Philippine store in Manila, the much-loved Swedish retail clothing company, H&M, continues to fascinate local shoppers with its catwalk-to-retail fashion mission. H&M opened its 14th store in the country yesterday, May 26, at Marquee …

  • All set to freshen things up

    All set to freshen things up

    What has become a favorite among Canadians and a staple sight in their supermarkets and superstores will soon invade local fashion retail as well, with the coming of the casual wear brand Joe Fresh. The first Joe Fresh store will open …

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  • Mini manager mode

    Mini manager mode

    By Matteo D’Asis Pamaran My brothers and I really love Jollibee. I like going there when we hit the mall and just eating my favorite Chicken Joy and Jolly Spaghetti. I always wondered what it was like to work there. I …

  • On your paws, get, go!

    On your paws, get, go!

    By Jada Bautista Kids got to shake hands and take a selfie with firedog Marshall and police pup Chase recently as Nickelodeon held the very first Paw Patrol Meet and Greet in Southeast Asia at the SM Mall of Asia Music …

  • Keeping up with the Mutants

    Keeping up with the Mutants

    Okay, we’ve been having a huge wave of superhero movies lately, and the latest one to hit our shores is X-Men Apocalypse. The latest installment is a big boost to mutant fandom, but can also be a little confusing to …